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Welcome to Bowls Saskatchewan

                                         Where the Grass is Greener! 

We promote and grow the sport of lawn bowling through effective programming for everyone!

Bowls Sask 2018-2021 Strategic Plan

Bowls Sask 2019 - 2020 Policy Manual


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Mixed Pairs Playdowns 2019

Nutana Lawn Bowling Club July 26-28

Gold: Jack Wigham and Kitty Cooper

Silver: Murray Pituley and Kendra Pituley

Bronze: Doug Normand and Ingrid Riffel



Garry Dolinski and Jenny Mah
Gary Laurence and Erin Higgins
Owen Wright and Lorie Young
Ron Kaye and Laura Hale
Joe Chermishnok and Arlene Chermishnok
Robert Hackett and Carolyn Jones
Clem Grant and Bud Mowery
Peter Christensen and Nola Stein
Daniel Morin and Hilda Voth
Alex Scott and Judith Lowe
David Ackerman and Felicity Hogg
Doug Normand and Ingrid Riffle
Isobel Parkin and Andrew Sharpe
Kitty Cooper  and Jack Wigham
Murray Pituley and Kendra Pituley
Bruce MacDonald and Shawna Pickrell











 Senior Triples Playdowns 2019

Regina Lawn Bowling Club July 12-14


Gold: Doug Lambert, Bo Kos, Garth Zummack

Silver: Doug Normand, David Calam, Pat Schlotter

Bronze: Cam McLelland, Jack Wigham, Jerry Debrowney

Seniors Champs.jpg


Gold: Vi McPherson, Jo Urquhart, Janice Robson

Silver: Carolyn Jones, Clem Grant, Hilda Voth

Women's CHamps.jpg




Doug Normand - RLBC
David Calam - RLBC
Pat Schlotter – RLBC
Vi McPherson - RLBC
Jo Urquhart  - RLBC
Janice Robson - RLBC
Murray Pituley - RLBC
Larry Grychowski - RLBC
John Gale - RLBC
Carolyn Jones - Nutana
Clem Grant - Mayfair
Hilda Voth - Mayfair
Doug Lambert - RLBC
Bo Kos - RLBC
Garth Zummack - RLBC 
Cam McLelland - Nutana
Jack Wigham - Nutana
Jerry Debrowney - Nutana 
Robert Hackett -
Bill Brooks - Nutana
Brian Davis - Nutana


Junior Playdowns 2019

Mayfair July 12-14

Men - U25

Gold: Carter Watson

Silver: Brandon Watson

Bronze: Jordan Gailey

U25 Participants.jpg


Men - U18

Gold: Lorrand Wong

Silver: David Ewart

Bronze: Aidan Kreutzer

Lo pic 3.JPG

Women - U25

Gold: Jordan Kos

Women - U18

Gold: Alena Bergeron

Outdoor Singles Playdowns 2019

Nutana Lawn Bowling Club July 5-7th


Gold: Darrell Hanoski

Silver: Ernie Meid

Bronze: Doug Propp


Gold Harriette Pituley

Silver: Jordan Kos

Bronze: Eileen McLelland


Brandon Watson
Janet Watson
Carter Watson
Jean Roney
Keith Roney
Lois Kos
Garry Dolinsky
Jordan Kos
Darrell Hanoski
Heather Hanoski
Daniel Morin
Kitty Cooper
Cam McLelland
Rachel Larson
Doug Propp
Eileen McLelland
Owen Wright
Clem Grant
Lorrand Wong
Karen MacLean
Gary Laurence
Jennie Mah
Jerry Debrowney
Carolyn Jones
Ron Kaye
Hilda Voth
Bruce MacDonald
Shawna Pickrell
Viv Immelman
Laurie Debrowney
Robert Hackett
Isobel Parkin
Bryon McMillan
Erin Higgins
Andrew Sharpe
Harriette Pituley
David Ackerman
Ernie Meid
Joe Chermishnok
Doug Normand


Indoor Singles Playdowns 2019

Regina Lawn Bowling Club June 29-30


Gold: Doug Propp

Silver: David Calam

Bronze: Cam McLelland

Doug Propp Champion.jpg


Doug Propp - Mayfair
Daniel Morin – Moose Jaw
Cam McLelland - Nutana
Doug Lambert - RLBC
Mark Sutyla - RLBC
David Calam - RLBC
Kevin Welykholowa - RLBC
Ron Anderson – Moose Jaw


Fours Playdowns 2019

Regina Lawn Bowling Club June 22-23


Gold: Charlie Taylor / Jordan Gailey / Bryon McMillan / Mason Boyd

Silver: Carter Watson / Brandon Watson / Lo Wong / Pat Schlotter

Bronze: Mark Sutyla / Doug Propp / Kevin Welykholwa / Ernie Meid

Men's Champions.jpg


Gold: Kim Alexanderson / Liz Jones / Anne Mathewson / Lorraine Layton

Silver: Sydney Boyd / Janice Robson / Janet Watson / Karen Schlotter

Bronze: Harriette Pituley / Rachel Larson / Eileen McLelland / Clem GrantWomen's Champions.jpg


Carter Watson (s)
Brandon Watson
Lo Wong
Pat Schlotter
Sydney Boyd (s)
Janice Robson
Janet Watson
Karen Schlotter
Mark Sutyla. (s)
Doug Propp.
Kevin Welykholowa.
Ernie Meid
Vi McPherson (s)
Jo Urquhart 
Jessie Carlson 
Jean Temple
Robert Hackett, (s)
Joseph Chan,
Larry Grychowski
Bill Brooks
Elizabeth Jones
Lorraine Layton
Kim Alexanderson (s)
Anne Mathewson
Charlie Taylor (s)
Jordan Gailey
Bryon McMillan
Mason Boyd 
Harriette Pituley (s)
Rachel Larson,
 Eileen McLelland
Clem Grant.
Keith Roney (s)
David Calam 
Doug Normand 
David Ackerman


Pairs Playdowns 2019

Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club June 14-16


Gold: Jon Pituley / Michael Pituley

Silver: Brandon Watson / Carter Watson

Bronze: Keith Roney / Daryl Hanoski

2019 Men's Pairs Winners - Pituley.jpg



Gold: Heather Hanoski / Anita Nivala

Silver: Rachel Larson / Eileen McLelland

Bronze: Sydney Boyd / Lorraine Layton

2019 Women's Pairs Winners - Hanoski-Nivala.jpg

Participants were:

Carter Watson
Brandon Watson
Janet Watson 
Karen Schlotter
Mark Sutyla 
 Pat Schlotter
Heather Hanoski 
Anita Nivala 
Ernie Meid
Doug Propp
Arlene Chermishnok
 Beverley Kenyon
Keith Roney
Daryl Hanoski
Elizabeth Jones
Kim Alexanderson
Gary Laurence
Jerry Debrowney
Sydney Boyd
Lorraine Layton
Mason Boyd
Ivan Layton
Rachel Larson
Eileen McLelland
Charlie Taylor
Lo Wong
Carolyn Jones
Hilda Voth
Michael Pituley
Jonathan Pituley
Kitty Cooper
Laurie Debrowney
Robert Hackett
Brian Davis
Lorie Young
Bev Coutts
Nick Jones
Daniel Morin
Nola Stein
Laura Hale
Joseph Chan
Cam McClelland
Bill Brooks
Barry Hodge
Jordan Gailey
Bryon McMillan
Doug Normand
David Ackerman
Ron Kaye
Bruce MacDonald
Vivyan Immelman
Peter Christensen

Jeux Canada Games logo.JPG

Thank you to the 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation for the grant of $5000.00 which went towards the purchase of four new short mats for Bowls Sask! We are now spreading into new communities in the winter!

Weyburn Short mat.jpg



2019 Sports Science and High Performance Bowls Camp

Bowls Sask is excited to present the 2019 Sports Science and High Performance Bowls Camp in Regina on June 2nd! If you know of an individual who is passionate about our sport and whose goal it is to represent us on the National stage please forward this email on to them as well. Facilitators are Shawn Kuster (Strength and Conditioning), Ryan Flett (Sport Psych) and Louise Ashcroft (Sleep Performance). This should be an amazing day filled with lots of information and fun! For more information or to register email by Monday May 27th.

AD for Facebook and Website.JPG



Barefoot Bowls Poster draft.jpg





Located in the Grace United Church basement, Bowls Sask is running a 12 week program of Shortmat Bowling. Every Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 Bowls Sask will be in the house offering lessons, games, refreshments and tons of FUN! This program is free of charge and all are welcome. 

Weyburn Bowlers.jpg


Congratulations to our 2018 Grey Cup Ticket Winners - Ken Tomlinson, Jennie Mah and Yvonne McPherson!!!!


Check out Bowls Sask new promotional video made by the very talented Nick Jones! Feel free to use to spread the word about our amazing sport! GO TEAM SASK


About Bowls Sask:

Bowls Sask is the provincial sport governing body for Lawn Bowling in Saskatchewan. Lawn Bowling is a sport which offers recreational to competitive programming. Saskatchewan Lawn Bowling has a proud history of producing National and Commonwealth level athletes. 



For more information, contact:

            Bowls Sask, Executive Director

            Tina Chernoff at, 306-780-9426 

 Archived News:


Bowls Saskatchewan, Office located at 1734 Elphinstone Street; mailing address 1860 Lorne Street, Regina, SK S4P 2L7;
phone: (306)780-9426; fax: (306)780-9480;