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Whats New

  • June 23 -  The 2016 Canada 55+ Games, Brampton, Ontario; August 16-16, 2016

    If you are interested in attending the Games to represent Bowls Saskatchewan, contact the office by June 29th. There will be no funding from Bowls Saskatchewan for this event.


    If you are not familiar with the Canada 55+ Games, here is a little bit of background for you:

    The Canada 55+ Games are a multi-activity event open to adults aged 55 and greater. Each province and territory is responsible to determine a qualifying process to select who will represent them at the Canada 55+ Games. Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and the Yukon make up the member provinces of the Canadian Senior Games Association. Quebec, Nunavut and Newfoundland are eligible to participate as non-member provinces.
    The 2016 Canada Seniors Games Association (CSGA) will be celebrating their 20th anniversary and 10 years of running the Canada 55+ Games.
    Games Highlights
    • 4 day national celebration of sport, culture and social wellbeing for adults 55+ and older
    • August 16 – 19, 2016 with pre-events starts as early as August 14
    • Over 2500 competitors and 500 non-competitors from across Canada
    • Games will be held all over the City of Brampton
    • Sports / Activities include: Pickleball, Slo-Pitch, Table Tennis, Track and Field, Badminton, Contract Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Swimming, Carpet Bowling, Cribbage, Euchre, Floor Shuffleboard, Lawn Bowls, Scrabble, Darts, Golf, Horseshoes, Micro Marathon (5 & 10km), Ice Curling, Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey, 8-Ball Pool, 5-Pin Bowling and Tennis

    Here are the Canada Senior Games Association (CSGA) rules:…/8b30e2_c5f2a4880ae84a069b174faa880bd…

  • June 21- Congratulations to the Fours Winners!

    Women 's fours
    Gold Jean Roney, Jordan Kos, Fran Scott, Anita Nivala
    Silver Lorie Yong, Joan Sande, Beverley Kenyon, Lorraine Layton
    Bronze Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larson, Liz Jones, Jeannene Demencuik


    Men's fours
    Gold Keith Roney, Carter Watson, Brandon Watson, Bo Kos
    Silver Mark Sutyla, Ernie Meid, Murray Pituley, Doug Propp
    Bronze Duncan Holness, Charlie Taylor, Mason Boyd, Jordan Gailey

  • June 21 - Draws for the Men/Women Triples on June 24-26 at the Regina Lawnn Bowling Club

  • June 14 -  Congratulations to the Pairs winners!

    Gold: Janice Robson/Lorraine Schneider
    Silver: Jean Roney/Jordan Kos
    Bronze: Fran Scott/Anita Nivala...

    Gold: Michael Pituley/Jonathan Pituley
    Silver: Keith Roney/David Calam
    Bronze: Mark Sutyla/Murray Pituley


  • June 2, -2016 Team Coach  - Applications are currently being received from any Bowls Sask members wishing to be considered for team coach for: 
      • Junior Canadian Championships being held in North Vancouver, BC on August 1-8

        Deadline for application is July 5, 2016 for Junior Championships


      • Canadian Championships being held in Edmonton, Alberta on August 14-20

        Deadline for application is June 28, 2016 for Canadian Championships

          Applicants will be selected with consideration being given to those who are certified or trained NCCP coaches with previous experience at a Canadian Championship.  Expenses to attend these events will be covered by Bowls Sask.

        For more info

       To apply, e-mail  Bowls Sask Office with a letter outlining:  Your qualifications (i.e., current coaching level, past experience with Bowls as a coach and or player, etc).  Which event you are applying for.  




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