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 Bowls Canada Boulingrin Programs and Services

BCB administers programs at the national level to enable Canadians to enjoy the sport of bowls and achieve success at the highest levels of competition.

On the high performance side, BCB manages competitive National Squads and equips them with access to technical resources and support services to help them achieve success on the world stage. This past year Bowls Canada Boulingrin named the inaugural National Youth Squad to help younger bowlers and their respective provincial bowls associations access funds and resources in their areas. BCB establishes selection criteria and administers a process to name the top athletes to teams that rival with the top amateur bowlers in the world. The organization helps with logistics planning and managing teams on tour so athletes can excel. International success brings a national level of awareness that encourages Canadians to learn more about giving bowls a try and inspires others to pursue their bowling dreams. BCB is proud to keep Canada up to date on the accomplishments of our Canadian teams through the distribution of press releases, Facebook posts and Twitter “tweets.


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Bowls Canada Boulingrin is responsible for several major competitions each year including: Canadian Lawn Bowls Championships, Canadian Senior Triples Championships, Canadian Mixed Pairs Championships, Canadian Junior and Under 25 Championships, Canadian Outdoor Singles Championships, and the Canadian Indoor Championships. The organization works with host organizing committees to support events and coordinate the schedule and officials to ensure a fair and high quality competition. Bowls Canada Boulingrin also uses these events to raise the profile of bowls and promote the sport in Canada through online streaming of select competitions. These national competitions promote the sport and bring the bowls community together to celebrate the joys and camaraderie of spectacular competition.

Bowls Canada Boulingrin has also hosted national events geared to exploring how the sport of bowls at all levels can evolve and strategically take advantage of a changing sport landscape. These include the National Planning Summit and the National Competition Summit.

Bowls Canada Boulingrin provides a broad array of programs and services to its Member Associations – Provincial Bowls Organizations. The philosophy of BCB, like most national sport federations, is to develop resources and services nationally and deliver them provincially/territorially. This means that BCB incurs the cost of resource development and relies, largely, on Provincial Bowls Organizations to provide the delivery of these resources to their member clubs and the bowlers in those clubs. Some of these resources include:

 BCB Perfect End Pin program to recognize all bowlers who experience a perfect end in competition;

 BCB Club Centenary Award Program which recognizes Canadian lawn bowls clubs which have been in existence for 100 years;

 National Coaching Certification Program resources including Club Coach, Competition Coach and Performance Coach program;

 National Umpire training and accreditation program and resources.


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On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of BCB, we thank you for your continued support and involvement in the sport of Canadian bowls. We wish you a safe and enjoyable year in all of your bowls pursuits in 2016!

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