2014 National Results

Mixed Pairs Championships
September 7-13, 2014- Parksville, BC
Parksville Lawn Bowling Club


Province Medal/Place Round Robin
Final Rank
British   Columbia Gold 1
Alberta Silver 2
British   Columbia Bronze 4
Saskatchewan Fourth 3

 Saskatchewan Reps:  Jean and Keith Roney

BCB Canadian Championships
August 17-23, 2014 — Winnipeg, MB
St. James LBC / Norwood LBC

  • Men’s Pairs – 4th -Jon Pituley, Michael Pituley        
  • Men’s Triples – Gold -Keith Roney, Alex Scott, Grant Wilkie
  • Men’s Fours – 4th -Doug Propp, Gary Laurence, Mark Sutyla, Ernie Meid
  • Women’s Triples – Bronze - Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larson, Fran Scott
  • Women’s Fours – Gold-Jean Roney, Jordan Kos, Clem Grant, Carolyn Jones 
      Men Women
    Pairs Jon   Pituley Lorie   Young
      Michael   Pituley Hilda   Voth
    Triples Keith   Roney Harriette   Pituley
      Alex   Scott Rachel   Larson
      Grant   Wilkie Fran   Scott
    Fours Doug   Propp Jean   Roney
      Gary   Laurence Jordan   Kos
      Mark   Sutyla Clem   Grant
      Ernie   Meid Carolyn   Jones
    Fours Duncan   Holness  
      Jack   Wigham  
      Larry   Grychowski  
      Robert   Hackett  




womensfour.jpg menstriples.jpg



 2014 Canadian Junior Championships
August 4 - 7, 2014
Etobicoke Lawn Bowling Club, Toronto, ON

Men               Player                                              Scores                             
Gold             Brandon Watson (SK)                    6-8, 10-3, 6-0                 
Silver            Nathan Jacobucci (MB)                  8-6, 3-10, 0-6                 
Bronze          Rob Law (MB)                              8-4, 3-9, 3-2                   
Fourth           Lucas Caldwell (ON)                      4-8, 9-3, 2-3      
Additional Sask competitors: Jordan Gailey Carter Watson Parker Laurence           

 Women       Player                                              Scores       
Gold           Pricilla Westlake (BC)                      7-3, 7-3
Silver          Jordan Kos (SK)                             3-7, 3-7     
Bronze        Chrissy Schuknecht (ON)                 5-5, 11-2   
Foruth        Aislinn Wood (ON)                          5-5, 2-11   


2014 Canadian U25 World Junior Cup Qualifier
August 4 - 7, 2014
Etobicoke Lawn Bowling C

Men              Player                                      Scores
Gold           Grant Wilkie (SK)                   6-4, 2-9, 3-1  
Silver          Jake Schuknecht (ON)             4-6, 9-2, 1-3  
Bronze        Alex LeBlanc (ON)                  8-5, 12-2       
Fourth         Mike McNorton (ON)              5-8, 2-12


2014 Canadian U25 Championships
August 9 - 11, 2014
Etobicoke Lawn Bowling Club, Toronto, ON

                      Player                                       Scores
Gold           Jake Schuknecht (ON)                       10-6, 7-5
Silver          Grant Wilkie (SK)                              6-10, 5-7
Third          Michael Pituley (SK)                          11-2, 10-6
Fourth        Lucas Caldwell (ON)                          2-11, 6-10



June 19-25, Men's and Women's Singles Championships
Edmonton, Alberta

Women (11 participants)

Gold:  Jean Roney (Sk)
Silver:  Harriette Pituley (Sk)
Bronze: Claire Day (AB)
Fourth: Christine Adams (AB)

Men (29 participants)

Gold:  Alfred Wallace (AB)
Silver:  Keith Roney (Sk)
Bronze: Michael  Leong (BC)
Fourth:  Derek Dillon (AB)

Other Sask Competitors:
David Calam, Bo Kos; Ernie Meid; Michael Pituley; Grant Wilkie; Jordan Kos; Rachel Larson


 201420Womens20Singles20Champions.jpg  201420Mens20Singles20Champions.jpg

In the Women’s photo Jean Roney (SK) is on top of podium,  Harriette Pituley (SK) is in Silver spot (left) and Claire Day (AB) in the bronze spot (right).


Alfred Wallace (AB) is on top of the podium, Keith Roney (SK) is in the Silver spot (to the left) and Michael Leong (BC) is on the bronze spot (right).


 Article from Bowls Canada

2014 Canadian Junior Champions Crowned

Toronto, Ontario | August 7, 2014 

 Pricilla  Westlake (Vancouver, BC) and Brandon Watson (Regina, SK) were crowned 2014  Canadian Junior Champions at the Etobicoke Lawn Bowls Club. 

 Westlake defeated Jordan Kos (SK) in  straight sets 7-3, 7-3 to take the Junior Girls title.  “It was so great to be able to successfully  defend the title in my last year of being a Junior”, said Westlake. She won the  title for the first time in 2013 in Fredericton, NB.  Westlake is coached by Stephen Forrest.

 Brandon  Watson faced Manitoba’s Nathan Jacobucci in the Junior Boys gold medal  match.  Watson dropped the first set to  Jacobucci 6-8, but battled back to win the second set 10-3 and eventually take  the tie-breaker 6-0.  “It is an unbelievable  feeling to win the Championship in my last year of eligibility,” said Watson,  who is coached by Michael Pituley.


Both Watson and Westlake were awarded with  a set of Taylor Bowls from sponsor MVP Sports, long-time supporters of Junior  bowlers in Canada. 

 The Canadian Junior Championships were not  the only events on the greens today in Etobicoke.  Under 25 athletes from across Canada were  vying for a chance compete at the 2014 World Junior Championships this coming  November in Queensland, Australia.

The  women’s side saw Stirling Wood of Midland, Ontario face off against BC native  Jaymee Sidel.  Wood took an early lead in  the first set and refused to give it up leading her to a straight sets victory  11-4 / 11-5.  “Jaymee played great today  which meant that I had to really focus on my own game and make each bowl  count,” said Wood.  “I am so thrilled to  be representing Canada in Australia this November!” Wood is coached by Andy  Caldwell.

 It was a shot by shot competition on the  men’s side as Saskatoon’s Grant Wilkie and Chesley (ON) native Jake Schuknecht  battled it out for the chance to represent Canada.  Wilkie took the early lead with a 6-4 win in  the first set.  Schuknecht came back  strong in the second set with a 9-2 win.   It was an exciting tie-breaker for the spectators as both men played  strong bowls, but in the end, Wilkie prevailed with a score of 3-1.  “Words cannot describe how happy I am right  now,” said Wilkie.  “To be representing  my country and following in the footsteps of my coach and mentor Alex Scott is  an incredible honour”. 

 All four athletes will be back on the  greens on Sunday as they play for the 2014 Under 25 Canadian Championship title  and a chance to win a second opportunity to represent Canada when the World  Junior Championships are staged again in early 2015.

 “It has been a fabulous tournament,” said  Bowls Canada Executive Director Anna Mees.   “The quality of bowling by these young athletes has been absolutely incredible.  It is very exciting to watch the future of  the sport unfold on the greens here at the Etobicoke Lawn Bowls Club”.


2014 U25 Canadian Bowls Champions Crowned

Toronto, Ontario | August 11, 2014 

 Pricilla  Westlake (Vancouver, BC) and Jake Schuknecht (Chesley, ON) were crowned 2014  Canadian Under 25 Champions at the Etobicoke Lawn Bowls Club today. In addition  to the Championship title, both athletes have won the right to represent Canada  at the 2015 World Junior Championships next March in Queensland, Australia.

 Westlake defeated Jaymee Sidel (BC) 11-7 /  6-8 / 4-2 to win the Women’s U25 Championship title. Earlier in the tournament  Westlake successfully defended her Junior title.   “It is  an incredible feeling to have won both titles in the same year”, said Westlake.   “It was an awesome final competition.  Jaymee really put the pressure on with her great bowling today and I had to  work for every point.” Westlake was thrilled to be representing her province  and her club at the event and was quick to acknowledge her many  supporters.  She is coached by Stephen  Forrest. The bronze medal was won by Stirling Wood of Midland, Ontario.

 The men’s side saw a rematch from last  Thursday’s 2014 Qualifer game as Saskatoon’s Grant Wilkie and Jake Schuknecht  battled on the greens for a Championship title and trip down under.  Schuknecht was taking no chances with this  match and took an early lead with a 10-6 win in the first set.  Wilkie battled back in the second set as the  two competitors matched each other point for point.  It all came down to the final bowl of the  last end.  Tied coming home in the 9th  end, Schuknecht’s strategic play resulted in a final two points and the  win.  “It feels amazing to win the  rematch against Grant.  I feel like I  have been waiting a long time for the chance to represent my country at an  international championship”.  Schuknecht  is coached by his father Steve Schuknecht.

The  bronze medal match went to Michael Pituley of Regina (SK) who defeated Lucas  Caldwell of Peterborough (ON) in straight sets 11-2 / 10-6.  Pituley will be playing pairs with his  brother Jon at the Canadian Bowls Championships later this month in Winnipeg,  Manitoba.

 “It has been a super week of bowling here  at the Etobicoke Lawn Bowls Club,” said Bowls Canada Executive Director Anna  Mees.  “The talent these young bowlers  have displayed is indicative of a bright future for our sport. We are also  extremely grateful to MVP Sports for their support of our Under 25 bowlers.”  MVP Sports is sponsoring a raffle with  proceeds going to support the athletes’ expenses for the World Junior Championships.




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