2014 Provincial Results

  Indoor Qualifer, September 13-14, 2014indoormen.jpg
 Mayfair LBC

Gold Ernie Meid
Silver Herb Hunter
Bronze Jack Wigham
  Cam McLelland






2014 Saskatchewan Mixed Pairs
July 25-27

Regina Lawn Bowling Club

Gold: Keith and Jean Roney
Silver: Bud Mowery and Clem Grant
Bronze: Ernie Meid and Jordan Kos

Additional Competitors

Jordan   Gailey Syndey Boyd
Ivan Layton Lorraine Layton
Murray  Pituley Harriette Pituley
Barry Hodge Anne Mathewson
Robert Hackett Carolyn Jones
Andrew Sharpe Isobel Parkin
Gerald Bocking Jo Urquhart
Wayne Slinn Margaret Kushnier
Jonathan Pituley  Kendra Neher 
Doug Propp Lorie Young
Larry   Grychowski Janice Robson


Provincial Senior Triples
Nutana Lawn Bowling Club
July 22-24

Gold:  Vi McPherson, Jo Urquhart, Marg Kushnier
Silver: Clem Grant, Carolyn Jones, Anne Mathewson

Gold: David Calam, Ralph Van Iderstine, Wayne Slinn
Silver: Bud Mowery, Jack Wigham, Brian Davis
Bronze:  Ivan Layton, Doug McPherson, Gerald Bocking

 Other Competitors:

Doug   Normand Robert Hackett Larry   Grychowski
Herb Hunter Fred Patterson Barry Hodge
2014 Men's2014 Women's
seniormen.jpg seniorwomen.jpg


2014 Saskatchewan Men's and Women's Triples
July 18-20
Regina Lawn Bowling Club


Gold - Keith Roney, Alex Scott, Grant Wilkie
Silver - Murray Pituley, Garth Zummack, Jordan Gailey
Bronze – David calam, Ralph Van Iderstine, Wayne Slinn

Gold – Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larson, Fran Scott
Silver – Vi McPherson, Jo Urquhart, Marg Kushnier
Bronze – Janice Robson, Jean Temple, Lorraine Schneider

Other Competitors

Charlie   Taylor Mason Boyd Duncan Holness
Ivan Layton Doug McPerson Don MacIsaac
Robert Hacket Larry Grychowski Barry Hodge
Joan Sande Beverley Kenyon Lorraine Layton
Char Gordon Jeannene Demencuik Sydney Boyd
Erin Higgins Anne Mathewson Isobel Parkin



2014 Saskatchewan Junior Championships
July 11-13, 2014
Regina Lawn Bowling Club

Gold:  Brandon Watson
Silver:  Carter Watson
Bronze:  Parker Laurence
4th:  Jordan Gailey
other competitiors: Jaxon Joseph, Zack Joseph, Mason Boyd


Gold: Jordan Kos
Silver:  Sydney Boyd


Watson brothers battle in lawn bowling final
The Leader-Post   July 15, 2014

Brandon Watson of Regina defeated his brother Carter to claim the gold medal at the Saskatchewan junior lawn bowling playdowns over the weekend. Saskatoon's Parker Laurence defeated Jordan Gailey (Moose Jaw) to win the bronze. On the girls' side, Jordan Kos took the gold medal by beating Sydney Boyd in an all-Regina final.  The gold medallists are to represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian championships in Etobicoke, Ont., in August.
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2014 Provincial Fours, July 5th and 6th in Saskatoon. 

Thank you to the Nutana club and volunteers for hosting the event.


Gold:  Doug Propp, Gary Laurence, Mark Sutyla, Ernie Meid
Silver: Bud Mowery, Robert Hackett, Jack Wigham, Brian David
Bronze: Keith Roney, Grant Wilkie, Alex Scott, Duncan Holness


Gold: Jean Roney, Jordan Kos, Clem Grant, Carolyn Jones
Silver: Harriette Pituley, Kendra Neher, Rachel Larson, Fran Scott
Bronze: Vi McPerson, Marg Kushnier, Jo Urquart, Charlotte Gordon



2014 Men's2014 Women's
fourswomen.JPG foursmen.JPG



June 13-15 Singles held at Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club

Provincial Women:

Gold:  Rachel Larson
Silver:  Lorie Young
Bronze: Jordan Kos

Provincial Men:

Gold:  Grant Wilkie
Silver:  David Calam
Bronze: Doug Propp

Other Competitors:Ernie Meid, Bo Kos, Jack Wigham, Bud Mowery, Gary Laurence, Robert Hackett, Jordan Gailey, Barry Hodge, Herb Hunter, Carolyn Jones


2014 Men's Singles Champions2014 Women's Singles Champions
mens calam.jpg
Grant Wilkie Rachel Larson


June 27-28 and July 1 Pairs, at Regina and Nutana Lawn Bowling Clubs


The Men's and Women's Paris scheduled for Regina had a rain interuption. The B final was completed and then the greens were flooded.  The A-B final was completed on Tuesday July 1, but had to be moved to Saskatoon for completion. Congratulations to Lorie Young and Hilda Voth for winning the women’s pairs and Jon and Michael Pituley winning the men’s pairs. Thank you to all the volunteers from the Regina Lawn Bowling Club and the Nutana Lawn Bowling Club for all their help!

Gold: Lorie Young and Hilda Voth
Silver:  Harriette Pituley and Rachel Larson
Bronze:  Jean Roney and Jordan Kos

Gold:  Jon and Michael Pituley
Silver:  Keith Roney and Duncan Holness
Bronze:  Doug Propp and Ernie Meid

other teams: 
Men's Pairs    Calum/Normand             Blocking/Grychowski             
                    Pituley/Sutyla                 Slinn/Zummack 
                    Layton/MacIsaac              Mowey/Davis     
                    Hackett/Wigham              Archibald/Gailey
Women Pairs   McPherson/Urquhart              
                      Sande/Layton                   Grant/Jones




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