International Results

North American Challenge
September 29-October 1, 2016

Canada won over Team USA - Canada won six of the seven titles.  Women’s Folkins team members Pricilla Westlake (Delta, BC) and Jordan Kos (Regina, SK) went undefeated in the tournament with a 6-0 record. 


Ottawa, Ontario | March 10, 2016


The 2015 CanadianMen’s Fours champions will compete at the 2016 Tiger Bowls World Invitation and the Tiger Bowls China Tour March 12th to 17th.

 The Saskatchewan Men’s team of Jonathan Pituley, Alex Scott, Grant Wilkie and Michael Pituley head to Hong Kong and Shenzhen China to take on a field of international competitors from across the globe.

Despite their youth, the Saskatchewan team has plenty of experience. All have played internationally and vice Alex Scott is a past member of Canada’s Senior National Team. “With the veteran leadership of Alex and the enthusiasm from Grant and Michael, our team has the perfect composition to be successful,” said Men’s skip Jonathan Pituley. “We will work hard to represent ourselves and our country to the best of our abilities.” 

 Their first challenge will be the 19th Tiger Bowls World Invitation tournament hosted in Hong Kong.  Day 1 will see all teams play in a sectioned round-robin to determine the top teams who will be grouped in the “Cup Section” play. The remaining teams will be grouped in the “Plate Section”.  Day 2 action will involve a qualifying stage and knock-out stage for each of the Cup and Plate champions. 

 The teams will then proceed to Shenzhen, China for the China Open. This tournament is played in a “skins format” where all round robin games are comprised of eight ends divided into three ‘skins’.  The first and second skin are each made up of three ends with the final skin being only two ends.  A team wins a skin if it has more shots than the opponent at the completion of that skin.  Two points are awarded for winning a skin or one point each in the case of a tied skin.  At the end of the game, another two points are awarded to the team winning the total shots aggregate.  After the round robin stage, overall rankings are determined with the top four men’s teams automatically advancing to the semi-finals and the two women’s teams automatically advancing to the final.


-Tiger Bowls World Invitation Tour in Hong Kong, China, March 12-13:  9th out of 66 teams 

 -Tiger Bowls China Open in Shenzhen, China, March 14-17: 7th out of 25 Teams.





Canadians Finish Strong at Tiger Bowls

Ottawa, Ontario | March 24, 2015


 From Bowlstigerbowl.jpg Canada:  The  Canadian Fours Champions finished off strongly overseas at the 2015 Tiger Bowls  World Invitation and the Tiger Bowls China Tour last week. Our Canadians started off the competition on Hong Kong where the  women finished 8th out of 42 in the Cup section.  The women’s team consisted of Jean Roney,  Clem Grant, Jordan Kos and Carolyn Jones.   The men’s team qualified for the Cup section, but struggled on day 2  play and finished out of the top placing.   The men’s team consisted of Vince Mai, Kin On Lau, Clement Law and Keith  Roney.


The teams used what they learned in Hong Kong to dominate in  Shenzhen China.  They worked together as  a unit and made Canadians proud.  The  women lost to the United States in the final and finished in second place  overall, winning the silver medal.  The  men also improved and finished 5th in their section.Overall both teams did extremely well and  have once again put Canada on the map.   The players will be able to use this experience to continue to grow and  continue to represent Canada to proudly.

2015 Tiger Bowls Shenzhen Tour - Women Result
March 14, 15, 2015
Gold:  USA
Silver:  Canada


2014 World Championship of Champions, New Zealand

Saskatoon Bowler,  Fran Scott represented Canada at an international Lawn Bowling event,  2014 World Championship of Champions  set in New Zealand on November 24th-30th, 2014.  42 men and women from around the globe met in Christchurch and vied for the World Singles Championships

Grant Wilkie and Stirling Wood Make Canada Proud at World Juniors

Queensland,  Australia | November 16, 2014   

Grant Wilkie and Stirling Wood made Canada proud at the World  Junior Championships in Queensland, Australia last week.  The duo started off the competition playing  singles against some tough opponents.  There  were many back and forth games for Wilkie, but the Saskatoon native finished  the event with a 3-4 record, good for fifth place.  Midland native, Wood, had less experience  with the speedy greens, but adjusted quickly and played some great  matches.  In the end, she finished with a  2-5 record in the singles, marking her first international singles win against  Cook Island, “I feel marvelous” Wood said following the match.

 Following great play in the singles portion of the Championships,  Wilkie and Wood joined forces to compete in the mixed pairs.  Together, the two played very well and had  many close matches against some of the top junior players.  One game in particular was when Canada played  Australia, with Canada narrowly losing 16-15.   Following the match Wilkie said “we were so close”, Canada matched the  play put on by the Aussies and used the game to help them in the remainder of  the event.

 At the end of the week and the mixed pairs’ event, Canada finished  fifth in their section, with a 3-4 record.   While the pair did not move into the playoff rounds, the accomplishments  they created throughout the tournament were outstanding.  Wilkie and Wood made Canada proud and with  this experience, both players will be even harder to beat in the future.



Nov 30th-Dec 11th,2011 - Asia-Pacific Championships

Saskatchewan's Harriette Pituley won a bronze medal playing Vice skip on the Canadian Women's Fours.


July 18th, 2007 - World Women's Triples held in Scotland

Saskatchewan's Harriette Pituley has skipped Team Canada to a bronze medal in the Women's Triples at the 2007 Atlantic Games in Northfield, Scotland. She teamed up with Ontario's Kelly Mckerihen and Shirley Ko to battle thirteen different countries in this international event. Congratulations to all.

There is no time for Harriette to celebrate just yet. She and Mckerihen have joined forces with the Manitoba duo of Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong and Clarice Fitzpatrick and the four Canadians are currently competing in the Women's Fours. Good luck!

Complete results from 2007 Atlantic Championships

Harriette Pituley


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